Audiobook Demos

A Homemade Life-by Molly Wizenberg

Myths of the Asanas-by Alanna Kaivalya

Olive Kitridge-by Elizabeth Strout

To Kill a Mockingbird-by Harper Lee


Audio Adventures For Kids-by Jens Hewer

Billy Brown And The Mystery Package (Penny Pumpkin)




Commercial Demo


Critic's Choice Award nominations for VH1



 Narration Demo



Yugioh (Pip)

Pokemon (Vivian)


Pokemon (Katrina)


Virus Attack (Alice/Argus)


Angel Friends (Sweet)



Mickey Mouse Theme Song for the Mickey's Clubhouse Learning series

 Rankin and Bass Easter Toy-available soon!


These next 2 songs are from a children's television pilot that still needs produced!
The composer is Clint Edwards.


Penelope Panhandle Theme Song

Whale Oil Vinaigrette Song